Course Overview

A theatre is a collaborative form of performing art that uses live performers, to present a story, real or imaginative, in front of live audience in a specific place or stage, in an auditorium.

This crash course will be for those actors, who have a prior experience in acting on stage and will be a preparatory ground for them to make them professionals.

Stage-shows will be arranged for them, every few months so that they get practically trained and are equipped to move on to advance level of acting in any other professional groups or other media suitable for them. After completing a 4 Months course, a selected group of actors will be specially trained for call shows in different places and those will be paid shows for them.

Advance Course on Stage Acting Details
NO. OF CLASSES 20-25 Workshops
AGE CRITERIA 18 Years & above
ELIGIBILITY On stage experience (At least in one show)

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